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Shashika Mooruth has researched and explored many therapeutic and healing modalities of music and now also practices as a healer through sound vibration specifically using her voice.


We are individuals and every individual will have his respective reaction to the sessions based on his life issues. Every session is woven around the experience and the ability of the participant to dive deeper within. 


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"When I first heard your music through a friends recommendation, I was immediately attracted to the positivity and calmness in your voice. I then attended your workshop and the experience was overwhelming. I could feel myself drawn inwards and connect with myself - the self that I never gave a chance to listen to. Answers to many questions surfaced even days after the workshop as your voice seemed to vibrate still within me. I felt joy, I felt light-hearted and enthusiastic and fearless. Even my colleagues at work commented on the difference they saw in me. I want to thank you for the change you have brought in me. I am writing to especially to share with you that three months after attending your workshop I received a promotion at work that I was seeking for many years, I could also start a home-based business over the weekend that has been a hobby that I never saw possible to develop further. I believe in myself even more now. My gratitude to you always, may you always shine and spread your light." Alena, NY

"Hi Shashika, thank you for the healing sessions. I am able to use my hands now with much more ease. The pain has decreased and most of all I am off the medicines that I was consuming over the years. I will follow your guidelines. Hope to meet again in the future when you are visiting.” Mamta, Pune

“Your voice really heals. At first I was skeptical but curious at the same time. After joining your classes I am able to recognise distinct sounds as my awareness has increased. I realise that there is so much offered to us by Mother Nature yet we do not perceive because as you explained, ‘the real hearing is with the inner ear’. Michael, Houston

“Thanks for visiting our little town and sharing your music. The vibration that you spread through your voice is phenomenal. My yoga students are very inspired by your visit and hope to have you back soon. Love and light from Split” 

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