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Category: Padma Shri

Field: Art

Subfield: Singing, Music Production


Title: Ms

First Name: Shashika

Second Name: Mooruth

Father Name: Aniruth

Date of Birth: 15/02/1964

Gender: Female

Mobile No. 0827869601

Email id:

Nationality: South African

Country: South Africa

Address: 1701 Waverley, Margaret MnCadi Ave, Durban, 4001, South Africa

Profession: Artiste

Posthhumous: No


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Brief Write-up on the Work Done by the Nominee 


I nominate Ms Shashika Mooruth of South Africa, a woman who despite all odds, singlehandedly went on to pursue her goal to become an international music producer cum singer of recognition. She started off untrained in a country that had no infrastructure for Indian music and became the only Indian in South Africa to receive the highest award viz International Achievement in Music from South African President Honorable Mr Cyril Ramaphosa at the South African Music Awards in 2018 SAMA24 organized by the Recording Industry of South Africa RISA. She not only pursued her music towards arts but also uses it to promote the Vedic culture and tradition worldwide.


She was born in 1964 during the apartheid regime in South Africa. Indians in South Africa, had less facilities and contact with India to further skills in the performing arts. This did not deter Shashika. She started to sing at the age of eight and learnt Indian music by copying styles of popular Indian singers from India via radio programs. She took further steps to learn to read and write Hindi at a local school when she was just eleven years old, in order to improve her understanding of the songs she wanted to sing. She went on to win local singing competitions.


Her father also enrolled her in Speech and Drama classes locally in order to enhance her stage experience. She excelled in the classes winning awards for her performances.


During this time she also performed in many concerts to raise funds for various charitable organizations in the community. She had an interest from childhood to spread a message of peace through her music. By the age of fourteen, she had sung to some of the largest audiences in South Africa raising funds for old age homes, orphanages, charitable trusts, missionaries, spiritual organizations and various fundraising initiatives.


When she was twelve years old the late Kishore Kumar heard her sing and was all praise for her talent. She was encouraged to train further in India but due to her academic education and lack of funds she was unable to travel to India.

It was only in 1978 that she could travel and experience a little of the music industry in Bombay. She made up her mind that she wanted to train in Hindustani classical singing first.

However back in South Africa the problem of lack of training facilities in Hindustani classical music was a hindrance and the country due to its apartheid policies now faced international ban by all countries. The country was on fire with political campaigns, boycotts, and feuds for democracy.


Her intense thirst for music, she practically ran away from South Africa in 1987 and settled in India to pursue her dream in music. She wrote to Padmashri Anup Jalota who advised her to enroll at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Sangeet and Nartan Shikshapeeth. Shashika was accepted for the Sangeet Visharad course in both Hindustani Vocal and Sitar where she trained in sitar till Madhyama and vocal in Visharad 1.


During this time she also performed in local concerts in Mumbai and was signed by Venus Records for their cover recordings of popular film songs.


Unhappy with the situation for women in the music industry wherein she faced various setbacks she decided to pursue her career as an independent artiste.


In 2003, with the desire to produce original music but with very little funds, she launched her own music label Urja Music and started to produce simple albums in devotional music. With determination her music gradually reached worldwide.


From 2004 to 2012 she travelled to some 25 countries not only performing as an artiste but also speaking on the Vedic scriptures and spreading the Vedic culture Sanatan Dharma and lifestyle to her audiences.


In 2019 she launched Radio Urja.


Today she is not just a singer. She is also a music producer, music arranger, event organizer, music therapist cum teacher, spiritualist and motivational speaker.


In December 2018, YouTube declared her channel an Official Artiste Channel.


She has also designed a unique and holistic method of teaching voice culture based on the ancient scriptures that not only helps vocalists improve their technique but also discover oneself. In short, she trains her students to receive music in their voice as a means to the path to Divinity. Through her online classes she reaches out to students from India, Ukraine, Russia, USA and UK.

As she considers her music her sadhana, she studied the Vedic scriptures under HH Sacinandana Swami, a disciple of AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada the founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, and continues to learn Shastriya Sangeet under her guru Pandit Sudhindra Bhaumik.


Having started at the age of 8, in 2022 she will celebrate 50 years in her music journey.





Area/Field/Sector/Domain of Work Done *


International recording and performing artiste as singer, music producer and consistently rendering services as a singer to raise funds for charitable organisations in South Africa from childhood.


Number of Years Working in the Field*


50 but they only have till 42 in selection so select 42 :)


Impact/ Outcome/ Contribution of the Work Done *


Received certificate of recognition as a singer for distinguished and dedicated service to Hindu Dharma at World Hindu Conference in Durban, South Africa in 1995 alongside Pandit Shivkumar Sharma (santoor artiste) and Pdt. Hrdaynath Mangeshkar (brother to Lata Mangeshkar).


Received the International Achievement Award for music from the South African President Honorable Cyril Ramaphosa in 2018 at SAMA 24 equivalent to the Grammy, is an outstanding achievement as she is the first and only South African to put Indian music on the world map and is a role model for many South African Indians.

Nhlanhla Sibisi the chief executive officer of the recording industry of South Africa commented that South African music is in good stead with talents of her magnitude and well done to the daughter of the soil.


Mochware of department of culture arts and traditional affairs in South Africa said that she has earned her stripe in the entertainment industry with her enormous influence not only to her peers but also to the broader community as well. She represents the true spirit of former president Nelson Mandela and Mama Albertina Nontsikelelo Sisulu and is an inspiration to the youth.

Details of Any Awards or Honors Received by the Nominee*


Award Name: International Achievement Award SAMA

Year of Award: 2018

Field: singing

Type of Award: international

Awarding Authority: Recording Industry of South Africa, RISA




Award Name: World Music Chart

Year of Award: 2016

Field: music production

Type of Award: International

Awarding Authority: US Billboard Chart




Award Name: Standard Bank Ovation Award

Year of Award: 2020

Field: music production

Type of Award: national

Awarding Authority: Standard Bank and National Arts Festival Fringe, South Africa



Award Name: Top 100 World Music Chart

Year of Award: 2015

Field: music production

Type of Award: International

Awarding Authority: iTunes



Award Name: Dharma Sabha Honours Award

Year of Award: 2011

Field: singing, art and culture

Type of Award: National

Awarding Authority: Indian Consul General, Durban, South Africa and Hindu Maha Sabha, South Africa



Award Name: Radio Lotus Citation Award

Year of Award: 1991

Field: singing

Type of Award: national

Awarding Authority: South African Broadcasting Corporation



Award Name: Hindi Eistedfod Singing Award

Year of Award: 1974

Field: Singing

Type of Award: National

Awarding Authority: Hindi Shiksha Sangh, South Africa




Award Name: Gold Medal Singing Award

Year of Award: 1975

Field: singing

Type of Award: National

Awarding Authority: Hindi Shiksha Sangh, South Africa




Award Name: Prepared Mime Intermediate Award

Year of Award: 1976

Field: acting

Type of Award: National

Awarding Authority: ML Sultan Technikon



Award Name: Global Music Silver Award

Year of Award: 2018

Field: singing

Type of Award: International

Awarding Authority: Global Music Awards, USA in World Music


Award Name: Hindu Dharma Award
Year of Award: 1995
Field: singing
Type of Award: International
Awarding Authority: World Hindu Conference, Durban, South Africa



Any Other Relevant Information:


In spreading Indian music worldwide, here are the latest analytics.


Spotify streaming app music outreach to 27 countries.

Apple Music outreach to 17 countries.

YouTube outreach to 30 countries.

Radio Urja outreach to 94 countries.


Through her own independent music label, Urja Music she has produced 25 albums and 8 singles that are popular on all digital platforms and radio stations.

She organises workshops and concerts not just to entertain but to educate the masses in the field of arts especially music.


She established Radio Urja a free, all-in-one streaming radio and digital platform in order to spread wellness through music to the masses. She has researched and explored many therapeutic and healing modalities of music and practices as a healer through sound vibration specifically using her voice. In today's age of stress, anxiety, one way to make a positive change in life is sound therapy. Through her guidance, participants are empowered to fearlessly and uninhibitedly immerse into the deep recesses of their soul revealing the very meanings of their lives.


In short, she changes lives through her music.


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