Your voice is your inner consciousness, within it are the frequencies of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Register for any of our classes below, designed to help you find that inner voice. 


"experience the difference" 

ONE: (group sessions of max.25 participants)

There is an interconnectedness between music, movement and language that support each other. Approach music in a fun and entertaining way, utilizing the creative side of the brain. For kids and adults it is a time of relaxation, discovering, destressing - an opening to a world of self-discovery. 

TWO: (groups of 5 or individual)

Sound and the Inner Connection. A deeper, more concentrated involvement into oneself. Learning to hear your own voice and communicating within. Through vocal training or just learning to listen, we have seen people completely transform.

THREE: (groups of 25 or individual)

Music and healing the chakras. 

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Shashika has developed a unique, spontaneous approach towards singing irrespective of whether one wants to follow the professional singer’s path or learn for self-improvement. Her method of teaching, weaving both western and Indian music styles enables one to tune into one’s inner consciousness through one’s own voice; thus every student feels himself/herself in his music. Every individual is different and unique and the aim is to bring that forward in the individual hence the lessons may differ from student to student as she aims to tap to soul level to bring the originality out of every student. 

Online sessions also available. 

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Her presentations are always direct from the soul - filled with personal experiences, with a touch of humor and music off course, she is able to connect with her audiences, help them understand life, its lessons and the way to move ahead. Over the years she has inspired individuals from professionals, students, housewives to children to succeed on their chosen path. 

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Research evidence indicates that  music  and its elements when applied as a creative form of expression and communication wtih children,  improves their  gross and fine motor skills,  aids in academic achievement, improves social interaction skills, and helps with  communication and cognitive development. Pictures from a recent workshop held in Houston, USA.

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