Shashika Mooruth was born to Aniruth and Anjanie Mooruth in Durban, South Africa. From a young age she showed a keen interest in music and would often entertain the family at home after dinner with dance and songs! 

In 1970 the family moved from their home in Mayville to Mobeni Heights were her father along with other Indian trustees built the Shri Luxmi Narayan Temple in Greenfern Road. This afforded the family more opportunities to engage in cultural activities and on 13 August 1971 when the temple celebrated its first festival called Krishnastami, Shashika made her prodigious debut on stage as a singer at the young age of seven. 

As her childhood was during the apartheid regime, there was no scope to hone her singing skills with any support from India due to the international cultural ban on S.Africa. There were also no schools in S.Africa that offered training in Indian music and languages. Shashika would often listen to the straining Radio Ceylon and try to learn some of the songs from Hindi movies. Singing came naturally to her and with the Hindi Shiksha Sangh organising annual eistedfods and the local Indian cultural concerts Shashika could get an opportunity to showcase her talent. She always grabbed the first prize in singing at the eistedfods and even excelled in Speech and Drama which she pursued at the then ML Sultan Technical College.

In 1975, Srila Prabhupada the founder of ISKCON popularly known as the Hare Krishna movement visited S.Africa and addressed a congregation at the Shri Luxmi Narayan Temple where Shashika although eleven years old at that time, had the opportunity to hear from this great spiritual leader. She felt that this was a message to use her singing voice to spread peace, harmony and love throughout the world along with her commercial music. 

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In 1976 the legendary playback singer from India, Kishore Kumar performed at the Durban City Hall and Shashika had her first opportunity to meet a playback singer from the Bombay music industry. Kishore Kumar was so impressed with her singing voice that he invited her to share the stage with him. He described her as being born in the wrong country and that she belonged to India in the music industry. 

Shashika then went on to share the stage with many overseas Indian artistes that toured S.Africa in the 70’s viz. Shri Mahendra Kapoor and Mehmood Junior. She was the only S.African to be chosen by these legendary artists to perform with them.


Shashika particularly took interest in using her singing talent to raise funds for charitable organisations. By the age of fourteen, she had sung to some of the largest audiences in Durban and Natal at large raising funds for old age homes, orphanages, charitable trusts, missionaries, religious organisations and various fundraising initiatives. 

Shashika was a member of two bands in childhood with Akashvani Melodies and later in her teen years with Sarasvathi Shainaaz. 

At only 14, she directed her own concert staged at the Durban City Hall in aid of the Chatsworth Child and Family Welfare Society. A huge success, it was probably this beautifully, well organised show that really set Shashika up for the future. It was also to brand her as one of the finest child star in show business. 

In 1980 she visited India with her family and recorded her first album of popular film hits which was aired on Radio Truro in S.Africa. In 1984 she again visited India to record her first original album titled Sneha, released in cassette form in S.Africa.

She attended the Excelsior Primary School in Mobeni Heights and completed her high school education at the Gandhi Desai Secondary in Durban Central in 1981. She excelled in academics throughout her schooling career but felt disheartened due to the educational policies during the apartheid regime so she rendered support wholeheartedly to the school boycotts during her final high school years in fighting for democracy. Unfortunately the absence from studies affected her academics and in her matric year and university years constant disruption from studies left her disheartened. She yearned more to study music in India but it seemed impossible as the family could not meet the financial expenses to undertake such a long-term study. Finally in 1987 she abandoned her university studies at the then University of Durban Westville where she was studying towards a B.Sc. degree.

With the blessings of her parents and well-wishers in SA, she left in 1987 for India and enrolled in a diploma program in Hindustani Classical Music at the Bhatkande Sangit Vidyapith [affliliated to the University of Lucknow], in Mumbai, India, with the intention of returning to South Africa to teach music. However, as her knowledge and her virtuosity grew, she landed a contract with Venus Records in India and continued to pursue a career in the music industry. Her horizons broadened with subsequent concerts with Indian artistes such as Pdt. Hrdayanath Mangeshkar and Shri Mahesh Kumar in separate performances. More exposure of her burgeoning talent was evident as she sang with Indian artistes Shabbir Kumar, Sudesh Bhosle, Abhijeet, Sonu Nigam, Sukhwinder Singh, Udit Narayan, Bappi Lahiri, Anup Jalota.

She also completed her B.Sc. degree on a part-time basis through the University of S.Africa majoring in Chemistry and Psychology while undergoing music training in India. She has completed her music training in Sangeet Visharad 1 via University of Lucknow in Hindustani Vocal and Sitar. 

Her love for music propels her to experiment with different styles; this interest in learning and honing her skills has given her a versatility non-pareil. Commercially, she has lent her voice to devotional, pop, movies, semi-classical and techno compositions. 

Her creativity and desire to explore herself further in music, she launched her own music label cum production company in 2003. Through URJA MUSIC she has produced, published and marketed her music single-handedly internationally. For discography please click here.

She has traveled worldwide over the last two decades to more than twenty-five countries with her music programs and workshops in music towards life-coaching skills.  

On August 25th, 2016 her album Krishna, The Flute Player was released internationally out of USA. This is her debut as composer and arranger in World Music genre. The album was no. 14 on the US World Album Billboard chart in the week 16 September 2016.

It received a Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement at the Global Music Awards, California in December 2016.

The album was also accepted for the first round voting by the Recording Academy for the 59th Grammy Awards in World Music category.

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