" While this album is surely my life’s journey expressed in music…… when you listen, you will embark on your own journey of life. Dive deep into it and experience wondrous things happen to you.”  Shashika Mooruth

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Each track tells a story ….. 

The music creates artistic inspiration, relaxation, and optimism. It can be used by listeners for yoga, massage, meditation, dance, ramp music, as a method of stress management or to create a peaceful atmosphere in your home or other environments.

Be prepared for some surprises, as each track carries a different element from slow, to waltz, to street dancing and more. 

The compositions include both electronic forms and acoustic forms, featuring instruments such as flutes, piano, acoustic guitar and a wide variety of non-western acoustic instruments such as the bamboo flute, sarangi, bulbul tarang and batajon.

And off course it is all tuned up with Shashika's vocal arrangements. Her voice weaves in and out of the sound of different instruments penetrating your soul. 


1) The Flute Breathes - Shashika Mooruth feat. Rakesh Chaurasia
Composer: Rajeev Mahavir  Time: 7:52

2) Conversations with a Flute - Shashika Mooruth
Composer: Shashika Mooruth  Time: 3:40

3) On the Beat - Shashika Mooruth feat. Rakesh Chaurasia
Composer: Rajeev Mahavir   Time: 6:26

4) Deep in the Forest - Shashika Mooruth
Composer: Shashika Mooruth   Time: 3:57

5) It's Sa Ga Sa Ga Ma - Shashika Mooruth
Composer: Rajeev Mahavir   Time: 5:55

6) The Inner Calling - Shashika Mooruth
Composer: Shashika Mooruth   Time: 3:37

7) Kirtan Mela - Shashika Mooruth feat. Rajeev Mahavir
Composer: Rajeev Mahavir    Time: 4:53

8) The Master and His Magic - Shashika Mooruth feat. Rajeev Mahavir
Composer: Rajeev Mahavir   Time: 5:29

9) The Soul Dances - Shashika Mooruth
Composer: Shashika Mooruth   Time: 3:29

KTFP outside cover

KTFL inside cover


Shashika produced, composed and arranged along with composer & arranger Rajeev Mahavir a gem of world fusion. HH Sacinandana Swami, Shashika's spiritual guide has really inspired her to create an extraordinary mix of Indian music with modern rhythmic beats. I have never heard anything like this, featuring bansuri flute virtuosos Rakesh Chaurasia and Atul Sharma.

Do I hear Reggae , Country and House elements in there?

Shashika, as a gifted singer, her vocals magically interweave throughout the different sonic tapestries to compliment the flutes, sarangi, batajon the bulbul tarang (indian banjo).

Sandeep Mishra plays beautifully on the sarangi , reminding me of the transcendental tones of the late master musician, Ustad Sultan Khan, who I almost recorded when in Mumbai.

A totally courageous recording and uninhibited expression of roots culture.


President/CEO at Planet 8 Records, USA

“Krishna, The Flute Player”, a new solo album by Shashika Mooruth. 

For starters, I have felt a personal connection with this album given that the Bansuri, the traditional Indian world flute intimately linked to the love story of Krishna and Radha, is also the solo instrument with the top billing on my own record thanks to the brilliant flute work by Ravichandra Kulur. 

Shashika notes that in addition to serving as the producer on the record, this is her debut as a composer and arranger alongside Rajeev Mahavir. And a remarkable debut at that. Perhaps, elements of the beautiful backstory shared by Shashika also has its influence on the listener experience - that the album is a reflection of her own life’s journey from South Africa to India. And the endearing part about her sitting at the temple of Lord Krishna and singing from the heart. At which time, the priest hearing her outpouring said that in her voice lies the sound of Krishna’s flute.

I have enjoyed the writing, vocal performance as well as the remarkable flute performances of Rakesh Chaurasia and Atul Sharma. The voice of Rajeev Mahavir as well as that of the backing/harmony singers is captured and engineered very well. 

Very nice arrangements with each song flowing beautifully into the next and some nice grooves too. Overall a lot of positive energy and sunshine comes across in this album. The opening track “The Flute Breathes’ is my favourite at this time. 


Grammy Nominated Artist & Producer

"Unique and Funktastic! 

Shashika takes many risks in filling her album with unexpected instrumentation, beats, synth funk, and a lot of aspects that usually aren't heard together! Juxtaposition is strange to the ear, it either throws people off completely and leaves them disturbed, or it opens up their minds and hearts to new possibilities and gateways. And the difference is how well executed and engineered the boldness is. She knocked it outta the park! The album is interesting throughout, truly unique, funky, more upbeat than most in this genre, and beautiful!


Honoured to be reviewed by Rick Anderson of CDHotlist for February 2017.

From a CDBaby customer: “bought the CD and just started listening to it, its really mesmerizing. I will use it for meditation - it is so good what an amazing journey and  a labor of love - do you know that this music will be perfect fro movies. I am aniticipating to hearing it in a movie soon.”  17/09/16

Brilliant Album, It’s SA GA SA GA MA - love it. Aum Karen Ramith

© Shashika Mooruth 2015