Shashika Mooruth is an independent artiste from South Africa. Her lineage extends to her forefathers from India hence the dynamic Indian traditional influence on her music style. 

Under the auspices of her music label, Urja Music, she displays her holistic musical artistry at every level of production. Her voice, however, is her main instrument. 

In Jogan, she has rendered her voice to compositions based on styles that are popular in North India, particularly the state of Uttar Pradesh, which praise Krishna and Raam as the Divine.

In such compositions, the music arrangement is kept simple as the focus is on the voice, lyrics (which is in the Hindi language) and melody. With the exception of the acoustic violin in track 2 the remaining arrangement is programmed with synthesized electronic music which is the popular style of rendering folk composition nowadays. 

Jogan means a woman who leaves all worldly pleasures, mostly for someone, a beloved or God. 

JOGAN - folk songs that enthrall the listener with an uplifting experience.

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